Our Work to Work Programme is a 12 month (minimum) course designed for young adults to gain and build upon desirable skills for life independence and employment. On enrolment and through our trialling process, Art + Soul will take each member into consideration for this programme but members must meet the independence criteria to be a candidate. We find that most members will benefit from at least 12 months of attending Art + Soul as a regular member before starting the Work to Work Programme. 


What's involved? 


By encompassing the fundamentals of what makes a person a worthy candidate for employment, Art + Soul aims to build upon things like taking responsibility of your own routine and responsibilities with the aid of our Programme Prompters, transport training, outsourcing opportunities of work experience and overall, creating confidence.  

Art + Soul aims, but cannot guarantee, employment after completing the Work to Work program. But will do everything in our power to support our members journey to employment. Offering Recommendations and references on their behalf and speaking with our small business, community, or corporal connections to give our members a step up into the workforce. 


Art + Soul will accommodate to interests like; illustrating, writing, photography, radio, interviewing + podcast, and sales as their base. 

If applicable or desired, members can go through a supported Workplace Health + Safety and First Aid Training. 

Assisted travel training for those who are independent of care during transport. We understand public transport may be unrealistic because of mobility/medical complications (i.e epilepsy), so therefore we explore all means of transport! Whether you're catching the bus, ferry, train, organising a regular taxi or Uber, we will support you for the first 12 months. We will prepare and establish emergency protocols, transport routes and evaluate within every 12 week block of the year. 



Throughout the 12 months we can offer ongoing support within the venue and organise mentored work experience sessions for the member to attend with a staff member or independently in a approved work environment that will allow for the extra support our members need. This could be volunteering at the local Library, Second-hand Stores, Citizen Advice Bureau etc. 

Building confidence is something Art + Soul specialise in. It could be self-confidence, social confidence or confidence in your abilities. With the help of constructive activities and conscious goal setting - we will be able to develop a personalised Program Prompter to ensure our members have  the necessities to be confident within themselves and their community. 


Art + Soul cannot guarantee full-time employment once you have completed the Work to Work programme. What we will offer is time dedicated to creating an updated C.V for the individual, assisting with writing Cover Letters for applications, and supplying the member with a letter of recommendation from the team at  Art + Soul. 

Depending on the member's preferred area of employment, we will approach local newspapers, community radio stations, other small business and council offices for available positions.

We strive to remain ever evolving to cater to our members and help them to reach their goals!

"Ain't no mountain high enough"


If you have an interest in this programme or know anyone who may be suitable, contact us on