The Speakeasy studio is the result of many different trials and adaptations of previous Art+Soul projects. From a member enjoying the communication aspects of our magazine group but not so much the task of writing, the initial Art+Soul podcast was born as a method to allow our members to express their thoughts as they come without the need to write them down. As it became more popular, we built a small sound booth to improve our recordings. The result, a sensory space that became very popular for those on the autism spectrum. When looking to build our new room dedicated to these activities, the Art+Soul team discovered a few props and furniture pieces that fit the theme of the 1920’s era. And just by chance, two light up letters, S and E. With some creative discussion, the Speakeasy studio was born. 


Within the studio our team have been slowly figuring out the ins and outs to a working radio and podcast broadcasting. 

Our vision for the year 2021 is to have our team be apart of a sister Auckland radio station where they have an hourly slot several times a week broadcasting to the public. Currently our team are practicing with the help of a trained staff member to record their own radio segments, organize and perform interviews with local musicians in the community and work on their overall communication skills. 

The Speak Easy studio is one of our most popular programs we offer, mostly because of the community exposure the client receives, and the auditory stimulation which aids in the development of speech and communication. An area most of our clients see great improvement and results in. 

What better way to have the lives and stories of our extraordinary exposed to the everyday day lives of Auckland's citizens!


Each client gets an hour with a trained staff member to first undergo a short evaluation of their skill level and then to discuss whether they would prefer or be better suited for a radio segment, podcast show, work the technical side or if they require speech and communication therapy. 

The recordings are then uploaded to the podcast website and sent home as a link for our family and friends to listen to the amazing work our clients are producing. 

Radio show microphones