Interacting with your wider community through recreation! Art+Soul hosts and organises physical events for our members who require an extra push to venture off the couch and into their community. 

We understand that not everyone takes a firm liking to the arts and media side of things, so we endeavour to cater to a wider range of likes and needs through the use of community leisure spaces. Physical exercise is essential for good health and beneficial for a number of physical disabilities. 

As a way to incorporate physical activity with a purpose, our members train and complete Aucklands 'Round the Bay's' fun run every year!

Our members also attend; 

  • Rock Climbing

  • Aqua Aerobics

  • General Swimming and Water Therapy

  • Boxing

  • Line Dancing

  • Competitive Bowling

Exercise is not the only way to connect with your surrounding

community, we also plan and encourage excursions to places like

Auckland Zoo, Museums, Art Galleries and Exhibitions, Markets or

Public Events as research or inspiration for their radio/podcast,

or next big art piece!

We are always open to suggestions! If you have another interest that

isn't listed, we are with our programs and will be willing to find a venue

that will suit your activity!