Our goal is to grow each members inter-personal skills (working together), speech (arranging and interviewing for our articles) and grammar (creating and asking the questions). 

Each year our magazine team will decide on a theme, such as "Global Warming", that they will then create articles around these themes as well as other subjects they may wish to discus! 

To date we have interviewed many interesting establishments around Auckland like the Auckland Zoo, Navy Museum, Auckland City Councillor Chris Darby, NZ Transport Agency, Electric Motor Vehicles and many, many more. 


Our members are then required to create a list, and then contact potential interviewees! In-between waiting for interviews and contacting replacements if needed they will then start to create the magazines "skeleton". Adding a jokes section, puzzles, advertisement, selecting appropriate photo's for their articles or taking originals. 

As for the interviewing process, those who feel comfortable complete the interviews will have the opportunity to travel with a staff member to the approved location, sit down with their interviewee and record their questions! 


Once the magazine is drafted, proof-read and printed. A few days will be dedicated to distributing the final copies to the their local community, past businesses that were interviewed, community centres and council facilities. 

The Art+Soul magazine group publishes a quarterly magazine famously named "Souls Like Us"! 

This magazine is planned, designed, written, published and then finally distributed by our team all within our Milford venue. The magazine group is a tailored activity to allow our young adults to interact with their local community, listen to different views and ideas, and expand their knowledge surrounding their community in a positive setting. 



At the beginning of each year the team will work together to decide upon an ongoing theme for their magazine. For example, in 2019 they covered Global Warming and climate change, investigating what impact we have, how it affects us and what is out there to reduce a persons carbon footprint. 

Once all have decided on a theme, they will choose a person/company/business/topic they would like to organise for an interview. Researching involves using the internet, discussing questions they may need for the articles, as well as finding the contact information in order to organise said interviews. This is a wonderful way to enhance their literacy and communication skills! 


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