Speakeasy studios here at Art + Soul is our personal communication hub. A multi-purpose room with all the equipment needed for our podcast and radio show. Read more about what we offer bellow.



What originated as a simple podcast with the purpose of giving young adults living with special needs and disabilities a platform to have their voices heard, speakeasy FM is a grassroots radio station located in the heart of Milford. Built by a small team with a passion and drive to deliver high end results, our operational station and stylish studio provides equal opportunities to people from all walks of life and bridges the gaps between the community. We have seen our clients build confidence, improve their sentence structure and gain a sense of accomplishment by setting their own goals based on their own personal interests. Every week our clients work towards producing a 45 minute radio show which airs on Fridays at 6pm on 104.6FM. 

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For anyone at any level, this activity has been a way for members and staff to get to know each other and find creative ideas together. From starting small by simply hearing your voice played back and working on your speech, to creating your own structured show based on your own interests and ideas, the podcast offers something for everyone at any level. Each Client gets an hour with a trained staff member to first undergo a short evaluation of their skill level and then to discuss whether they would prefer or be better suited for a radio segment, podcast show, work the technical side or if they require speech and communication therapy.  




The J.I.A.S Program has been developed to stimulate the nerve pathways into and within the brain. It is directed particularly to the pathways between the right ear and the left hemisphere of the brain, where information from the ears is first received and from there on down to the deeper processing areas. This pathway has had connections within the language centres. The J.I.A.S program we run helps with a variety of speech difficulties, both spoken and written. Prices and available options can be discussed within your interview.