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From its humble beginnings, Art + Soul has organically grown over the past 8 years to be what it is today. What began as a way for mothers of young adults living with disabilities to have something productive for their child to do, is now an independent business catering to a diverse group of creative young people and providing a platform for disability awareness and connection to their community.  



Here’s a little story of how it all began:

Art + Soul began by a family of a young woman with down syndrome who saw a need for purposeful community interaction for people in a similar situation. 

The family found that once their daughter left school there was very little for her to do. This was due to the multitude of her diagnosis and the limited amount of resources provided by the government for her and her peers living with similar needs. Her older sister and younger brother, supportive as they were and looking for something else to do, then decided to set up a band on the North Shore for people with disabilities and invited her peers to come along. All were accompanied by either a member of their family, or a friend.

Thus "The Roosters" was born and with great success! They even secured a prime spot at the Auckland Albert hall singing alongside New Zealand’s famous musicians to celebrate the Rolling stones 25th anniversary as the opening show. 

Simultaneously an art group opened in the Devonport Community House with the same methodology. Thus Art+Soul began to grow! 

After two years the original family turned it into a care facility for young adults with a variety of disabilities including medical known as 'Art + Soul'. The name coming to life and was actually created by the original members themselves. How fitting!


By being a small business the family were able to employ nurses, paramedics, primary school teachers, and art degree graduates. All of whom would need catered training on the individuals who attended Art+Soul with guidance and consultation of the parents and a medical team. 

The workspace offers assistance and training for each member and their Carers to achieve long term and short term personal goals within a structured group setting through the use of different types of avenues -  Art, podcasts, radio and sales. We hold close and value family, inclusion,  

We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All levels of abilities are catered for, from full time care, work to work training programs, to future employment. 

Despite multiple hurdles and struggles Art+Soul has had to overcome over the past 8 years, we now are running at a higher standard than ever before and can now call Milford our home with the new office HUB fully in action. We are thankful for all who have made Art + Soul possible and who have continued to support our members over the years.