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Carer Creatives

A.M-Rock Climbing at Birkenhead

P.M-Band at Milford 

Community Centre

A.M-Swimming at Albany

P.M-Individual music

lessons at Northcote

All Day-Magazine production and publication in Takapuna

A.M- Computer skills  

P.M- Art 

in Devonport


Who we are

Art+Soul provides care in the community for young adults with disabilities through different activities. Our ratio is 1 paid professional to a maximum of 4 young adults. Each young adult is catered for on an individual basis, our aim being the interaction of the person with and between their community. We accomplish this through access to Art, Media, Music and Sales. All of our venues are open forums in the community, i.e. libraries, community halls and centers, multiple studio complexes and general public places. All of which have other community run activities occurring while we are present.

As this is their community, being out and about and getting involved either by selling at markets, liaising with shop owners and retailers or performing for selected audiences all helps our young adults to have confidence and understanding in their environment.

We encourage inclusion where possible, providing carers to assist and advocate where necessary. We help our young people with interviewing the public through the zine magazine. We take our young people to art and band practice. We provide carers to take them to their chosen film, show, performance, excursion or interest.

Happy New Year to all! 

The Art+Soul shop is back up and running, Monday-Sunday. 

To all clients Term 1 2020 starts Monday 4th February.

Payment Structure

There are different types of funding available for our young adults that we use on a constant basis:

1. Respite

2. Individualized funding  

3. Renaissance *

4. Real world living *

* These are specific funding given to individuals with high needs or are in supported living.

Whereas our support ratio range is permanent due to our different fund providers times and ways of paying. Those coming from school, their OARS only carries them for 12 months after they leave, it is up to the parents to try and access as much funding as possible via Taikura Trust.

Read more about who we are and how you can get involved