"Making life a little more productive and a lot more fun" 

 A community of young adults with special needs 


Hello! What a crazy time we are living in! All of the projects at Art+Soul have been put on hold for another 6 weeks while we are in Level 2 as the majority of our venue hires are public community spaces and are not open as of yet. 

We hope all are staying safe and being sensible. 

We hope to see you all again soon. 

Art+Soul is a unique care service, that encourages young adults with disabilities to be part of their community 

Our ratio is 1 paid professional to a maximum of 4 young adults. Each young adult is catered for on an individual basis, our aim being the interaction of the person with their community, this is accomplished through Art, Media, Music and Sales. All of our venues are open forums in the community, i.e. libraries, community halls and centres, multiple studio complexes and general public places. All of which have other community run activities occurring while we are present. Thus helping our young adults to have confidence and understanding in their environment.

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