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"Making life a little more productive and a lot more fun"

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A community of young adults living with disabilities 

We are a small business based in Milford, North Shore of Auckland with the purpose to bridge the gap  for young adults living with disabilities. We are very maverick in our approach to enable our members successes and life choices. We aim to achieve this in a safe, respectful and stimulating environment where all abilities and levels of capability should be considered and catered for.

We have created a way of enabling our members to grow in a way which is INDIVIDUAL to them within a strong team setting. We accomplish establishing friend groups, personal confidence, occupation/employment, and product based community interaction through the following venue activities

These outlets allow our members to build upon things like self-confidence, speech/communication, everyday life skills, creative expression, fitness and more.


Our continuous sales keep members motivated and driven to produce beautiful artwork and other seasonal products to share with their supporters. We utilise our relationships with other small and large businesses, galleries, markets, private orders, commission based work and planned exhibitions to gain exposure and create an open forum for our members to interact with their customers. 

We believe in having trained, qualified staff such as nurses, paramedics, teachers, art degree students, and expert sales managers to ensure a high standard of service. All personal staff go through a thorough training process to ensure and uphold Art+Soul's quality standard of service. 


an area where members have the opportunity to craft, paint, create and sell!



this space is dedicated to all things media. Exploring the world of radio and speech therapy


we believe it is important for members to be integrated into their surrounding community AND stay active


for those who are ready to gain the right skills to enter the workforce

Those who need us, find us!

"I'm so impressed by what I've seen on Art+Soul's website. The work being done with differently-abled young adults must be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved, and I love the idea of having a radio station."

Jacinda Ardern

We are proud to say all members of Art + Soul have come from all over Auckland's North Shore bringing with them a variety of skill levels and needs. Whether you are recently out of schooling or just struggling to find somewhere to fit in within the vast expanse that is adulthood, we may just be the place for you! 

Join our group of self called "inbetweeners" and find out what you can achieve under the right guidance. 

Take a peep at what you could achieve here!


- COVID-19, Art + Soul venue will stay closed until 2022. Our opening day for Clients to start their years program is MONDAY 17TH JANUARY 2022. 


We thank you for your patients and understanding. Protecting our vulnerable young adults is our #1 priority.  

- Art  + Soul Sales: 

We will be manning a stall courtesy of Murray from the Milford Business Association outside Milford's New World on Thursdays and Fridays. 

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Personalisation at it's finest - PROGRAM PROMPTERS
Something that sets us aside from the rest. Individualised daily activity prompters: 

Our Program Prompters are personalised to the member, by the member. With help of staff to create a users "handbook" to all things in and out of Art + Soul. Whichever area, subject, instruction, or task the individual may need extra assistance with, we will break it down and create a visual, written and audio 'how to' guide that is specific to their needs. We create all Program Prompters with the means to phase them out of the members dependence within Art + Soul. This means we assess their progress along the way! As goals and needs change, so can their Program Prompters! With the ultimate objective to be task independence and confidence in the venue or taking responsibility within their personal lives. 


All information and guides will be kept on an Art + Soul Tablet, designated to the member for safe keeping and programmed under the guidance of Art + Soul trained staff.

A few examples where our Program Prompters have proven successful are: 

- Time management 

- Emergency contacts and protocols 

- Basic routine and instruction (i.e getting oneself ready for the days events) 

- Story writing

- Card/soap making 

- Meal prepping/cooking

- Mindfullness and meditation

Not all members within Art + Soul require this extensive program. But we can apply these techniques for teaching to a smaller scale where the member might require just a small folder of instructions within the venue to help them access their chose activity (eg. Painting, Radio, using specific software etc). These are perfect for the individual and their support person/carer to understand and refer to in times of uncertainty. 

Art+Soul is a unique community based business, that encourages young adults with disabilities to actively be a part of their own future building, lives and surrounding community!

"I like to practise my painting while having fun at Art + Soul. I like coming here and spending time with friends" - Amy McCollum

"My favourite part of Art + Soul is being able to get out of the house and learn new things. Art + Soul gives me a chance to get out about in the community and express myself through art and the radio" - Stephen Dean