Art+Soul is a unique care service, that encourages young adults with disabilities to be apart of their community!

What we offer in brief:

Our ratio is 1 paid professional to a maximum of 4 young adults. Each young adult is catered for on an individual basis, our aim being the interaction of the person with their community. This is accomplished through Art, Media, Music and Sales. All of our venues are open forums in the community, i.e. libraries, community halls and centers, multiple studio complexes and general public places. All of which have other community run activities occurring while we are present. Thus helping our young adults to have confidence and understanding in their environment.


Hello everyone! Art+Soul will be undergoing numerous exciting new changes within the following weeks. Our activity timetable alongside the venue and care services will all be different beginning in August 2020. Please stay patient with us while we make sure these changes are finished with the highest of quality. 

We hope to see you all again very soon!

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