"Making life a little more productive and  a lot more fun"

Art+Soul is a unique care service, that encourages young adults with disabilities to actively be a part of their community!


We are a small alternative care facility based in Milford on the North Shore of Auckland with the purpose to bridge the gap between finishing schooling or government housing into the community for young adults with disabilities. We aim to achieve this in a safe, respectful and stimulating environment where all abilities and levels of capability should be considered and catered for. We host structured daily activities for our young adults that coincide with their needs and their strengths.

Each young adults needs and goals are catered for on an individual basis, we accomplish this through Art + Crafts, Podcast + Radio, and yearly Sales of our handmade products. Building upon things like self-confidence, speech/communication, everyday life skills, creative expression, fitness and more.

We have believe in having trained, qualified staff such as nurses, paramedics, teachers, and art degree students, and expert sales managers. All of which go through a thorough training process to ensure and uphold Art+Soul's quality standard of care. 



Our Milford venue operates as a host for our programs and a base for our young adults to interact with each other and have familiarity between their activities. The venue consist of three separate rooms; the Office, the Art room, and the Studio. These rooms have been set up specifically to run a purposefully designed activity instructed by a qualified member of staff. Members have the freedom and flexibility to move between each activity on a daily basis. With a professional working standard in each room, our members take pride and ownership of our shared space, and are all involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the venue, as it is their workspace as much as it is for their fellow staff.

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